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Nursery have been taking part in some very exciting Chinese New Year celebrations. The children have enjoyed learning about the traditions that take place throughout the celebration. They have even put their new Chinese words and phrases to good use by answering the register with “Ni Hao”.  Here are some photographs of our learning so far…


We have explored Chinese New Year traditions in the home using our home corner.

We practised using chopsticks to eat food.


The children have been matching the correct amount of golden coins to each numbered envelope to bring good luck into the New Year.


We practised using scissors to make snips in our Chinese lanterns. The children then decorated them and hung them in the classroom to add to our celebrations!

We looked at Chinese symbols and how our letters and numbers are different. We practised mark making using Chinese style marks.

Mrs Ireland let us explore some very special items that she brought back with her from China. We liked making music with the Chinese rattle drum and used it to help us perform our Chinese dragon dance.

We are looking forward to our Chinese banquet on Wednesday, tasting different foods and voting for our favourite.