By / 4th February, 2020 / Nursery / Off

Today was a very exciting day in Nursery – we became scientists, making predictions and carrying out some fun experiments.

In our first experiment we helped to make a boat for Supertato to stop his cape getting wet when he crossed the river! We explored different materials and decided that plastic was a good material for the job! We talked about what would happen if the plastic got a hole in it and some of the children explained that the water would “come inside the boat and it would sink”. Miss Kavanagh and Miss Brookhouse were very impressed with our use of scientific language.

We also looked at how our senses work together to help us to taste different flavours! We tried to guess the flavour of the skittles when holding our noses but it was very tricky!!


Finally we explored how colours run and mix together to make new colours! We liked predicting what would happen to the skittles when water was added but we were amazed by what happened.