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St George’s Day is on the 23rd of April. People celebrate this in lots of different ways. Saint George was a brave soldier who lived a long time ago. Lots of people tell the story of Saint George and how he rescued a princess who had been captured by a fierce dragon.

In England, we remember Saint George on 23rd April every year. This is known as St. George’s Day.

To celebrate some people will fly England’s flag which is called the St. George’s Cross. It is a white flag with a red cross on it.

The link below is for a short video that tells the story of George and the Dragon.

Using the templates attached you could make your own shield using red and white just like the St. George’s flag. You could design your own shield using colours that are special to you. You also have the choice to design your own dragon! Which special power will you give to your dragon? Maybe its a flying dragon or a dragon that can breathe fire!

There is a template for you to colour the St. Georges flag. You could use; pencils, pens, crayons, paints or glue and stick coloured tissue paper.

The template for the puppets-can you cut them out and stick onto sticks and create your own puppet show and retell the story?

If you do not have access to a printer you can draw the templates on to paper/ card.

Have fun whichever activity you decide to do! If you would like to share any of your creations, please email the school or you can send a message to our Facebook page- Latchford St James CE Primary.




Design a dragon

Design a shield