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Hello Nursery. I hope you are all well.

I hope you have enjoyed playing and learning this week. This week your teachers have been joining in with the #PlayAndLearnInMay which you find out more information by visiting the website and clicking on the post with that title.

VE day

This week lots of people will be celebrating a special day. Victory in Europe Day (VE Day). We celebrate this day because we remember 75 years ago on this day World War Two came to an end. All the fighting against Germany in Europe stopped on the 8th of May 1945.

75 years ago, our Prime Minister wasn’t Boris Johnson! It was a man named Winston Churchill. He made an announcement that day on the radio at 3 pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany’s surrender the day before.

Lots of soldiers fought in the war and they were very brave. We would like you to celebrate this special day by having a party at home. You could hold your own teddy bear’s picnic and dress in blue, white and red (the colours of the British flag). To help prepare for your party we have made a list of some ideas for you to create some decorations to help you to celebrate.  Why don’t you make a salt dough medal just like one the soldiers had? Below are some ideas.

Sign of the week

I hope you all enjoyed learning last week’s sign of the week which was ‘dragon’. This week’s sign of the week is ‘soldier’ as we are remembering VE day.

Below are your learning challenges for this week.

Parents, please remember children learn through play and it should be fun! Please do not stress by trying to complete everything suggested!


Speaking and Listening

Using the visual aids attached. Can you retell the story of Jasper’s beanstalk, using the pictures as clues! “On Tuesday Jasper planted the bean. On Wednesday Jasper watered the bean” How much of the story do you remember using only the pictures?

Jasper’s beanstalk prompts

Physical Development

I would like you to try some of the Cosmic Kids yoga on YouTube. Yoga is great for physical development, enhancing flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. It is also great for promoting a sense of calmness.

You can also keep up with Joe Wicks or Andy’s Wild Workouts if you are enjoying those too.


Share your favourite story with somebody at home. (Grownups- encourage your child to hold the book, turning the pages independently. Look at the front of the book and ask what they think the story will be about using pictures as prompts).

Read or watch the story of Jaspers Beanstalk again to remind yourself of the story to help with your learning this week.


Draw a picture to show what you think might be at the top of Jasper’s beanstalk.

Challenge: add labels to your picture to describe what you think you might see.


Watch a number blocks episode.

Watch The Ten song

Practise saying number names in order forwards 0-10.

Challenge to say them backward 10-0.

Shape, Space and Measure

Look at the image below. It shows what happened to Jasper’s beanstalk. What has happened to Jaspers beanstalk after a ‘long, long, long time’? (Parents ask your child Is it getting bigger or smaller? Are there more or less leaves now? Explain that the beanstalk is growing.

If you would like an extra challenge you could have a paper aeroplane competition. Everyone in the house makes a paper aeroplane. Throw them and see which travels the furthest (parents please discuss comparing the distances). Try them indoors and outdoors, is there a difference? Where did your aeroplane land? (Use positional language such as behind, in front, next to and in between)

Understanding the World

Next time you take a walk, or you are in your garden/ yard. Have a look around can you see anything growing just like Jasper’s beanstalk? Take a piece of paper and pen and draw what you can see. How do you think it got there? Was it always that big? What do you think it looked like before?

Expressive Art and Design

I would like you to create your own beanstalk. You could draw, paint, use playdough or do some junk modelling! How tall can you make it? How many leaves can you add? I will attach a recipe for some homemade playdough.


Make up your own funny rhyme. It can be as silly as you would like it to be!

Here is mine; A dog is having a jog with a frog!

Can you make up a silly rhyming sentence about a cat or a hen?

Share your rhyme with your grownups or siblings. If you would like to challenge yourself, you could write down a super sentence! I would love to see your rhyming sentences.

Extra Challenges

If you would still like some more challenges you can take a look at the EYFS #PlayAndLearnInMay thread on the website where we will posting a theme for the day to inspire your play at home. You do not have to get involved every day, you can pick the days you would like to join in.

Have fun, take care.

Miss Green 🙂