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Good morning.

We hope this email finds you, all the staff and children well at this time.

We appreciate a lot of the school emails aren’t being manned as regularly during this period as they normally would be but we hope, when you are in a position to read this, it will provide you with an outline in relation to the service Wasps is currently providing in the community and what we aim to achieve over the coming weeks/months once schools look to reopen.

Currently Wasps continue to operate 1 setting at Sankey Wasps, attached to Barrow Hall Primary School. We are providing a drop off and collection service for all the schools we have connections with to ensure there is a wraparound service, and pre-school service, available for the key workers of our community and the vulnerable children. If you think our service could support any of your children during this time then please do not hesitate to pass on our email address and we will help as much as we can.

We are also taking part in regular conference calls with Ofsted, the local authority and other key providers of childcare in the north west to ensure there is enough provision for childcare in Warrington, and when the time is agreed by central government on what may be a phased return to school we would like to work with you to ensure any childcare service that is offered meets the needs of the schools going forward and throughout these ever changing times.

We are committed to working closely with the host school and utilise the same plans for social distancing put in place. We will also look to mirror the risk assessments that you put in place, alongside our own which are currently in process. When you are in a position to share your approach, or plans around the phased return, this will allow us to look at and consider our staffing ratios.

We are also aware that during this period of closure the new intake for September 2020 has been finalised and the new reception children have been awarded their school places. We have now started receiving enquiries for September and if any of your new parents are looking for wrap around care from September please do not hesitate to send them in our direction. If they wish to email their enquiry to, we will happily assist them.

As ever, if there is anything at all we can do over the coming weeks to offer support please do not hesitate to ask.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards

The Directors and Senior Team

Wasps Link Clubs and Nurseries Ltd.