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Hello Nursery, welcome back to your online learning after a well-deserved half term break. I hope you have managed to make lots of memories in the sunshine with your family at home. We love seeing all your learning so please do share it with us by emailing


Take care and keep safe. I am looking forward to seeing you soon in school,

Miss Green.


Physical development.

I would like you to practise using your cutlery and cutting up your own food. Miss Kavanagh has told me all about how independent you are in school at snack time. Practising this skill at home will really help for those who will be starting Reception. You could start by using a knife to butter your toast in the morning. Can you cut your slice of toast in half?

Will you make rectangles, squares, diamonds or triangles? It may help to try with Playdough first. We always wash our hands before eating and making our snack because it helps to keep germs away.



I would like you to listen to the story ‘Ruby Finds a Worry’. Do you have any worries? Draw a picture of your worry. Talk to a grownup and discuss how you can make your worry smaller, is there anybody who can help you make it smaller? Worry dolls are a great way of sharing your worries with somebody else I have attached a picture of an idea, have a think about the materials you could use to make your worry doll.


I would like you to click on the link to the counting game. This game is great for counting and practising your listening skills. Listen to the beats of the drum and select the number of beats you hear.

Numberblocks is also a great resource to use at home. Please access the ‘Just Add One’ episode.