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Sorry for the delay in uploading work this week. We had a technical error. This week some of us will be back in our classroom. It will feel a little bit different not being together but it is still great to keep in touch and keep in contact with us as we do love hearing from you.

Sign of the week-

We are now in our last school term of the year. It is the summer term. I would like you to learn the sign summer. can you remember any of the other signs we have done so far?

Speaking and listening –

Please follow the link to access the game

Reading/ Express Arts and Design

I would like you to read the story “Sometimes I feel Sunny” I have attached a link online which you will be able to follow to access the story. This story explores all the different ways we might be feeling/ our moods. I would like you to make a mood monster. You can use the templates provided or make your own up! How will your mood monster be feeling? Happy, sad, grumpy, angry….

If any parents use social media, I have found a page on Instagram which is dedicated to sharing stories, I will attach the site so you can take a look. “Sometimes I feel Sunny” is on there too.

mood monster template

Physical development-