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Ahoy me hearties!  This week’s home learning will be pirate-themed!

The children in school will be having a full week of forest school full of pirate activities, it would be great if you could join in with the pirate training at home too!

Here are some of the stories we will be reading in school this week…

Expressive Arts and Design- Junk modelling.

Using materials around your home, can you make some pirate accessories? You could make a hat, sword, pet parrot or a pirate ship.


If your child was accessing phase 2 phonics when they were at school phonics play have a pirate-themed game ‘buried treasure’ This game will help you to practise segmenting and blending and then choosing if the word is real or fake. There is the option for phase 3 if you would like to challenge yourself and have been accessing phase 3 phonics in school.

Physical development

Pirate themed yoga and story.

Pirate maths- (Shows an interest in number problems)

pirate counting

Pirate treasure adding worksheet.

Pirate certificate

Grownups if your child has successfully completed their pirate training here is a printable pirate certificate.

Certificate pirate