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Hello Reception

Another week has passed and I have seen many of you working hard. I am very impressed with how well you are reading your tricky words! It is great to see so many of you using them in your writing. Keep up the hard work! This week we are learning all about Little Red Riding Hood. I hope you enjoy your activities.

Miss Kavanagh


Your tricky word recall and writing has been amazing! Well done, keep practising and you will get even better. In school we have been playing a game called ‘beat the clock’. To join in you need a one-minute timer. See how many of the words you can read correctly in one minute. Good luck, I can’t wait to hear how you get on J

tricky word mat



I have really enjoyed reading your sentences and stories about Goldilocks. Here are this week’s literacy lessons based on Little Red Riding Hood.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Challenge: What do you think each character would say in the story? Can you write a sentence from the character’s perspective to explain what they are saying? You can use the speech bubble templates to help you.

 Red Riding Hood character speech bubbles



In maths this week we are going to practise some key skills, such as, number recognition, counting on and back and sharing. Using the board below see who can get to Granny’s cottage first! If you land on a wolf, you must move back 2 spaces. I can’t wait to hear all about your fantastic number skills.

Red riding hood dice game

Challenge: Watch the video on 3D shapes. Can you name the 3D shapes and describe them using language, such as, faces? Can you find any 3D shapes around your house?


Physical Development & Expressive Art and Design

This week I would like you to use the template to create a healthy basket for Granny. Discuss with an adult which foods are healthy and contain lots of vitamins to help Granny grow big and strong. Discuss which foods are unhealthy and should be eaten in moderation. Make sure you have a go at cutting out the pictures by yourself. This will help to develop your physical skills.

Red Riding Hood food basket