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Please find home learning for the 2 weeks before Easter. I hope your family are all keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine.

Enjoy playing board games, talking to each other and perhaps baking or gardening.

Thank you for making my final teaching week at Latchford enjoyable. I have loved teaching your child and wish them all the best for the future.

Reception Home Learning weeks 1 and 2


Over the next two weeks in school we plan to celebrate Easter. Please share the Easter story using the link below.

Children should be familiar with the vocabulary Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Physical Development

Can you design a poster to promote a healthy lifestyle? This can include healthy foods, drinks, exercise, hygiene and sleeping patterns. Please record this in your English book.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great resource on YouTube to encourage mindfulness and wellbeing.


Read stories at home, we encourage reading three times a week but daily reading would help your child to progress even further! Talk about the characters in the story, what happens in the story at the beginning, the middle and the end. Can they predict what will happen next?

You can access phase 2 and phase 3 reading activities on Parents can currently access a free subscription to all resources.


Included in your home learning pack you will find a letter formation sheet which can be used to learn letter sounds and practise writing them forming letters correctly.

Can your child write a caption or simple sentence about themselves to share with Miss Kavanagh?

You could also keep a weekly diary of activities you have done at home. This can be recorded in your English book that has been sent home.


Please continue to practise simple addition and subtraction problems to 10 and once confident 20. This can be recorded in your number book.

Explore mathematical vocabulary discussing which words mean the same, such as; add, more, total, altogether

subtract, take away, less, fewer

Practise finding one more than a given number and one less. You could use household objects to solve the problems.

Shape, Space and Measure

Can you find any shapes around the house? Which household objects are a cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, triangular prism and cone shape? You could extend this learning by discussing the number of corners and vertices.

You could also make a toy shop and use real money to buy items. Look at each coin, can your child name them?

Understanding the World

In this area of our learning we are discussing what makes us special. Please discuss with your child how they are similar to others, what differences they have and why they are unique.

Expressive Art and Design

Can you design and make an Easter card for a member of your family? We hope you enjoy the Easter celebrations.

Enjoy other creative activities such as colouring, cutting, painting and drawing.

For additional home learning activities and useful learning resources please see the earlier post ‘Early Years Websites’.