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Hello everybody, I hope you have enjoyed a little break over the Easter period and are ready for some new home learning activities. Thank you for the photographs you sent in of the extreme reading challenge. I loved your book reviews and think we should share some of the stories you recommended when we return to class.

It feels a little bit strange not being in school and not starting our new term together. I have been really looking forward to joining your class and becoming your teacher, but it is very important to stay home and stay safe.

Below you will find the next set of home learning activities. I would love to see photographs of any activities you complete. You can send them to our school email with the subject FAO Miss Kavanagh. I can’t wait to see them!

Take care, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe 🙂

Miss Kavanagh

Reception Home Learning – Week 3

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Communication and Language

Using the ideas below play the game ‘Name 5 Things’. This will help to develop children’s understanding, listening and attention and vocabulary.

Name 5 things that smell nice!

Name 5 things that are blue!

Name 5 things that are loud!

Name 5 things that feel soft!

Name 5 things that are blue!

Physical Development


Play the traffic light game in the garden. When a grown up shouts ‘GREEN’ you have to run around in the garden or house without bumping into anything. If they shout ‘AMBER’ you must walk around avoiding any obstacles. If they shout ‘RED’ you must stop. Listen carefully or they might just trick you!


Follow the link below to listen to the story ‘Silly Doggy’, this is what we would be reading and learning about if we were in school.



Can you create a ‘FOUND’ poster in your English book? Make sure you draw a picture of Silly Doggy. Can you write a caption or sentence using your phonic knowledge to describe him?



Practise your number recognition using the numbers in the grid above. Can your child find a given number? Cut the numbers out and see of your child can put them in the correct order to make their own number line.


Shape, Space and Measure

For this game you will need a teddy or toy you have at home and a bucket or box.


Give your child an instruction to place the teddy under, over, on, behind, next to, beside the box or bucket.


If they can do this extend their learning by placing the teddy in different positions and asking them to describe its position using the mathematical language above.

Understanding the World


Was Lily’s pet really a Dog? Find out which animal she found and research some facts about that type of animal. I’d like you to write four simple facts in your English books please J


Expressive Art and Design

This amazing man has been walking laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. His name is Captain Tom Moore and he is 99 years old. At the end of the month it is his birthday and he will be 100.

The children are being asked to make and send a birthday card for Tom. You can use the address below or post them on social media using the hashtag #makeacardfortom