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Home Learning – Week 6 (11.5.20)

Hello Reception,

What a busy week it has been! Miss Peever, Mrs Bates and I have been working extra hard to make our classroom extra special for when we see you again. We have made a video so you can see all of the new areas in our classroom for you to learn in. Please go to our Latchford St James CE Primary Facebook page to watch it!

Here is next week’s home learning. Take care, stay safe and hopefully we will see you soon.

Miss Kavanagh


Last week we learned about Jesus and the Disciples. We now know that Jesus had 12 special friends and they were called the Disciples. They helped him to spread the Good News about God. Using the PowerPoint below I would like you to think about what makes you a good friend. Can you carry out an act of kindness for a friend? You could post them a card or a picture. I sent my friend some pictures that I had made to make her smile. I hope you manage to make your friends smile too! I know you are missing all of your school friends at the moment. Hopefully we will get to see them soon. I think you all make special friends and should be proud of the kind, caring and special people that you are.

Being a good friend


We worked with Steph O’Donnell to complete DT projects back in November to make our musical shakers! Do you remember? She has been teaching us how to hold our scissors and use them correctly to cut along different patterns and shapes. Grown-ups please click the link and have a practise at this important skill with your children.


Mr Mc has been teaching phonics from home. I’d like you to access lessons 1-4 this week to recap your phase 3 sounds and practise applying them in your reading and writing. They are lots of fun and will help you to recap lots of the phonemes.

Click this link to find them – 


I have been reading some really fun comics this week from the phonics play website. Please ask a grown up to help you log into the website using the link and details below. You can choose the appropriate phase for your child to practise and apply their phonic knowledge. If they are finding phase 3 a challenge, please use the phase 2 comics to help them to recap and build confidence when reading.


This week something strange has happened to Elliot’s caterpillars. They have changed so much! Can you write down what changes you can see in your English book? I wonder what is going to happen next!


I hope you’ve enjoyed solving your number problems. This week we are going to dive into some shape, space and measure by learning about the order of the day. I would like you to complete the two online lessons by following the links below.

Understanding the World

Last week the sun was shining and it made me smile. It is so nice to see some signs of summer. This week I would like you to use a phone, camera or tablet to take a photograph of some signs of summer that you can spot in your garden or on your daily exercise walk. I’d love to see the photographs you take. Please send them to with the subject FAO Miss Kavanagh.

Expressive Art and Design

Reception you blew my socks off with your amazing creations to celebrate VE day last week! I was so impressed. You are superstars. This week I want you to create a butterfly. I know we have been learning about their lifecycles so I would like you to create a beautiful butterfly to display in our classroom next to the investigation station. You could make a 3D model using household recycling, salt dough or paint. I can’t wait to see what you make! Keep them safe so we can display them when we return to school. Can you challenge yourself by writing a word, caption or sentence about your butterfly?