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On Wednesday, as part of their very exciting topic on democracy, Year 5 travelled down south for an epic adventure. It started at Warner Brothers Tour in Levesden, just outside London.

All of the children (and staff) loved exploring the amazing props, costumes and sets that make the Harry Potter films so stunning. Their experiences will inspire their reading and writing in class.

After a filling meal in Pizza Hut, we walked through the theatre district to Drury Lane to the Gillian Lynne Theatre to watch School of Rock.

The performance was amazing and the children loved every minute of it! At the end of a very long day, everybody enjoyed a deep sleep back at the hotel.


After a very hearty breakfast, we drove back into central London, spotting landmarks on the way. We toured the houses of Parliament, walking the corridors that the MPs do. We saw the Queen’s dressing rooms where she prepares to open Parliament and stood in the House of Lords. Our knowledgeable guide Sara told us all about how our government works – she was extremely impressed with our knowledge of democracy and our teachers were very proud of us indeed!


After The Palace of Westminster, our travels took us to Parliament Square where we talked about the leaders’ statues and why they are remembered. We discussed Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Millicent Fawcett, Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. All inspiring figures.


Our walking tour concluded outside Buckingham Palace where we discussed the role of The Queen in our constitutional monarchy. Our two day adventure in London was awe inspiring in so many ways: culturally, artistically, politically and socially. We talked about lots of challenging subjects and had lots of fun too. The children developed greater independence, deepened their friendships and strengthened their knowledge of and appreciation for British values. We’re very grateful to Mrs Daintith and Mrs Worrall for being such great sports and making our learning so incredibly meaningful.