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We had a special visitor in our assembly today – Ryan Cherry, a civil engineer from Balfour Beatty. He very kindly came in to tell us all about his role in the rebuilding of our cenotaph. Ryan is the lead engineer on the project and he shared a PowerPoint explaining why the monument needs to be repaired, how they’re doing it and how it will eventually look. The children, from Reception to Year 6, were fascinated.

We talked about the importance of the monument and what it represents – our children showed how important it is to us as a community and felt it was important to preserve this listed monument for the future.

The children were very interest in Ryan’s job and were able to answer some very complex engineering questions.  Perhaps we’ll have a few children inspired to become engineers in the future!

We’re very grateful to our guest today for sharing his exciting work with us. We’ll be seeing Ryan and some of his colleagues again soon as we are involved in a learning project about the renovation of the site.

We love having visitors in school to share their experiences with us and as ever, our children were great ambassadors for our school, making us feel very proud indeed.

For more information about this exciting project, please follow the link below: