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This morning our school has been transformed! Gone are the practical uniformed children and the sensibly attired staff and in their place a myriad of story book, non-fiction book and comic characters!  We held our annual WBD Catwalk in the hall whilst clapping along to Uptown Funk, it was enormous fun!

As ever, the staff were up for some fun and dressed up splendidly!

I knew we couldn’t keep straight faces for long….

Nursery went first with their catwalk.

Next came Reception class.

Then Year 1.

…and Year 2.

Year 3.

Year 4.

Year 5.

Year 6.

All of the children had great fun parading their costumes along the catwalk.

Finally, the staff took their turn…

School Council helped us to choose the winners from each class, as well as the staff overall winner too. All of our winners will be awarded a Waterstones Book Token. Every child in school will be given a £1 book token to spend on the book(s) of their choice. Waterstones and many other outlets have a range of great books, produced specifically for World Book Day, each costing only £1. Why not choose one of these over the weekend? Or, alternatively, treat yourself to a new book at higher cost and get £1 off.

World Book Day Winners 2019

Many thanks to our parents for all of their efforts with children’s costumes – it’s much appreciated and makes our WBD a lot of fun. Thanks also to our amazing staff who always go the extra mile to enable our children to be the best that they can be.