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Hello everyone.

Our learning in school is still going well.  Everyone is settled, we are a little tired at times (staff and children) but we are enjoying our learning!  We will continue to provide online work and links here for children to access at any time.  Please enjoy the activities and contact school if you would like to speak to us about anything. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are this weeks tasks:







This week our maths is focusing on money:

Activity 1 – Recognising coins

Activity 2 – Recognising notes

Activity 3 – Counting coins

Save some packets /boxes and play shop with coins in a purse – ask your grown up to price the items up to 10p to start with.   Increase the items to within 20p, then 50p and then up to £1 – this activity can last over the Summer holidays!

You also have your Numbots to continue with – look for the school name (postcode WA4 1AP) and then enter your user name and password.

Please use your numbots log in details to sign into TT Rockstars too. Go onto and click login before entering your Numbots username and password to access your account.

log in username latchford  password divide 66 to access the school account, then your individual log in to get into your tasks


There are many activities available on BBC bitesize for English if you would like to try them. This week in school we are linking our learning to The Bog Baby story and working in Forest School! Here is the link to The Bog Baby Story.

We will be doing the following English based activities:

Activity 1 – Draw a picture of the Bog Baby in the jam jar. Add a speech bubble to show what the Bog Baby would like to say to the girls.

Activity 2 – Make a map of the bog

Activity 3 – Instructions – how to catch a Bog Baby

Activity 4 – Make a list of all of the things Bog Baby needs. Think about where it should live and what it might eat.

Activity 5 – At the end of the story, Bog Baby returns home to the Bog, write a Welcome Home card to Bog Baby from the other bog Babies. What would they want to say to Bog Baby?


Everyone has a log in for – this is a fun reading game.  I have added activities to and there are many reading activities available on Purple Mash

The libraries open again this week, give one of them a call to find out about the children’s books available and current opening times.  The library has a range of book banded books available for children.  If your child has not been accessing books, start them on something they feel comfortable with – a yellow or blue band initially.  This will increase confidence in reading. If you do not feel comfortable going into the library at the moment,  there is an additional service available free from Warrington library using e books and audio books 

Use your existing membership card to access these services. If your child is not currently a member, it is free to join.


Monday – lesson 36 – y (fly)

Tuesday – lesson 37 – y (happy)

Wednesday – lesson 38 – are (square)

Thursday – lesson 39 – ear (bear)

Friday – lesson 40 – review

In addition to these sessions, please continue to use spelling shed and phonics play to reinforce learning.

Spelling shed –

Phonics play –

If you run out of activities:

Oak Academy have put some lessons on for each year group – here is the link for year 1 if you would like to try some of them.  Click on Subject then choose Year 1 to explore –

I hope that you enjoy these activities.  Remember to contact us if you need anything! Take Care.