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Hello Year 1

Well, what an interesting year we have had.  Not as we had planned but we have all learned lots of new things this year!   We hope that you have all enjoyed the time that you spent in year 1 and the activities that we have planned for you at home.  Mrs Marsden and Miss Fives look forward to welcoming you into year 2 in September but for now both myself and Mrs Forshaw hope that you have a great Summer holiday and we will look forward to seeing you in school next year.  You are all capable of achieving great things, just have confidence and keep practising your learning at home!

Here are some activities for this week and during the Summer break.

Morning maths:

Morning-Maths- Monday

Morning-Maths- Tuesday

Morning-Maths- Wednesday

Morning-Maths- Thursday

Morning-Maths- Friday


This week in maths we are focusing on counting in our warm ups and time as our main activity:

Jack Hartmann Counting backwards from 100

Jack Hartmann Counting forward and back to 50

BBC Bitesize

Time Activity 1 – o’clock

Time Activity 2 – half past

Time Activity 3 – Writing and measuring time

Time Activity 4 – Compare times

You also have your Numbots to continue with – look for the school name (postcode WA4 1AP) and then enter your user name and password.

Please use your numbots log in details to sign into TT Rockstars too. Go onto and click login before entering your Numbots username and password to access your account.

Or log in username latchford  password divide 66 to access the school account, then your individual log in to get into your tasks


You will have received a reading eggs log in with your school report, please go on to and log in.

In school, we will be sharing the story of The Paper Dolls and talking about memories of year 1. The Paper Dolls story

We would like you to complete the following work about your year 1 memories and send it to us on purple mash if you can.



Make a paper doll of yourself and write about yourself.  What would you like a new person that you meet (or a new teacher) to know?

Make your friends as a chain (or set) of paper dolls.  What is special about your friends?

Make a set of brand new paper dolls. Write a story about them. They could have lots of adventures!  Give them names and describe them.

Other activities:

100 activities to do before you’re 6 – please try and do as many as possible


Enjoy your Summer everyone and we will welcome you all back to school in September!