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Hello year 1.

Thank you to those that have send work via Purple Mash or the school office, it’s been lovely to see what you are doing! The work for this week is below, if you have not completed things from weeks 1-4 you can look for the links and activities by scrolling down the page further.

Here are the new activities for this week:


Morning maths:

Morning Maths Year 1 Monday

Morning Maths Year 1 Tuesday

Morning Maths Year 1 Wednesday

Morning Maths Year 1 Thursday

Morning Maths Year 1 Friday

There are new activities on My Maths this week, if you are having a problem logging in, please give school a call or message me through Purple Mash and I can help.
log in username latchford  password divide 66 to access the school account, then your individual log in to get into your tasks

White Rose Maths –

This weeks work is focused on number bonds: part/whole relationship, fact families (linking addition and subtraction), add together and find a part, add more and count on within 20 then on Friday –  Maths Challenges!

If you have not had a chance to do these activities so far, they are on the same link, just choose the week that you need.


We have set another 2 activities for SPAG on based on grammar, exclamation marks and question marks.  If you have not had a chance to do so, please log in and complete previous tasks.

If you would like additional reading material, here is the link for Oxford Owls for Home,

When you register free.  you can then Click on any of the e books to read.

Spelling shed –  This week you are working on split vowel digraph u-e

Continue with writing this week from The Literacy Company Writing booklet attached below. There are 10 activities, please choose one task each day to complete (you had 5 of these tasks to complete last week).


Please use your writing book to record this work.  Send a photo if you can through Purple Mash!


Here are some Letters and sounds activities – you will need a pencil and your writing book (or handwriting book) for these. The links are below and are listed

Introduction to letters and sounds

Lesson 1 ay (Monday)

Lesson 2 a-e (Tuesday)

Lesson 3 ea (Wednesday)

Lesson 4 e-e (Thursday)

Lesson 5 ie (Friday)

VE Day

This Friday marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day – Here is a link to a video explaining what VE Day is and when it happened.

VE day PDF Complete this with a grown up.  You can just write things that are similar and things that are different in your writing book – you do not need to print the booklet off. If this is too difficult, talk with an adult about VE Day.

If you want to learn some songs from the 1940’s here’s a link

You could plan for and have an ‘afternoon tea’ at home – either inside or outside (in the garden) to celebrate! What would you include in an afternoon tea?


To keep yourselves fit this week Joe Wicks will continue each morning

Have a walk with your family or play some games in the garden/yard. This will help to keep you fit.

Other links to try (for those wanting extra)!

BBC Bitesize are continuing to offer daily lessons on their website – if you would like to try some out,  the link is

Oak Academy have put some lessons on for each year group – here is the link for year 1 if you would like to try something different.

Click on Subject then choose Year 1 to explore –

Remember you can contact us through e mail via Purple Mash if you need anything and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great week and enjoy your learning!  Stay safe everyone