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Hello everyone.

Mrs Forshaw and I have been getting ready to welcome some of you back to school.  Due to the space needed, some of you will be in year 1 classroom and some in year 2 classroom although everyone will come in via our year 1 door as normal. We are all one pod and will share playtime, lunchtime and some outdoor activities as we have more space there. We will continue to support those who are not coming into school via online learning.  We are trying to link the activities for home with those being set in school wherever possible. Please contact school by e mail if you would like to speak to us about anything.  Thank you for sharing the work that you have done and news of the things that you are enjoying with your families.

Here are this weeks tasks:

Morning Maths







There are activities available on My Maths, I have updated some but if you have not had a chance to try any of these please do.  If you did not get a high score the first time, have another try!
log in username latchford  password divide 66 to access the school account, then your individual log in to get into your tasks

I have chosen a mixture of BBC Bitesize and White Rose for our maths lessons this week:

Monday – Counting in 5’s from 0-50

Tuesday – Counting in 10’s from 0 to 100

Wednesday – Repeated addition and multiplication

Thursday – Arrays

Friday – Yr 1 – Autumn Block 4 – Place Value (within 20) (Problem solving – please select some of these not all)

You also have your Numbots to continue with – look for the school name (postcode WA4 1AP) and then enter your user name and password.

Your Numbots log in can also be used for TT Rockstars which I have now also set an activity for – this week it is the 5 x table. Go onto and click login before entering your Numbots username and password to access your account.


This weeks English is based around handwriting using Oxford Owls and also some PSHE work from Oak Academy

Oxford Owls – handwriting year 1 has a number of handwriting activities to focus on.

Our writing in English this week and next will linked to PSHE and the idea of creating a time capsule record of our time away from school.  This gives lots of opportunities to talk at home, it is not essential for all of the sheets to be completed (although some may want to). If you do not have access to a printer, its okay, just use paper or your writing book to get your ideas down. This will be something to look back at when you are older.



If you would like reading material, here is the link for Oxford Owls for Home,

When you register free.  you can then Click on any of the e books to read.

There is an additional service available free from Warrington library using e books and audio books

Use your existing membership card to access these books. Joining the library is free if you are not already a member.

Sign in to purple mash and have a try at some of the serial maths books for our year group.


Here are some Letters and sounds activities – you will need a pencil and your writing book (or handwriting book) for these. The links are below and are listed.

Lesson 1 – ie (field)

Lesson 2 – er (herb)

Lesson 3 – oe (toe)

Lesson 4 – u (music)

Lesson 5 – i (kind)

In addition to these sessions, please continue to use spelling shed to reinforce learning.

I have set 2 new activities on for you too.


We will be working in school this week on being a bubble (pod) and working within this. Here is a link to the Oak Academy site focusing on this.

I will also be using the following:

Everybody worries book.

How do the children feel about going back to school? Are there any worries?

We will be talking about Mindfulness and looking at the following links:

What is mindfulness and how do we do it?

How to make good choices – Cosmic kids yoga

Cosmic yoga – thought bubbles

And using these songs: Wash your hands song

Personal space song

Remember you can contact us through e mail via Purple Mash if you need anything and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or give school a call.

Enjoy your learning this week. We hope to see you soon.