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Hello Year 2,

We’ve been working very hard at school, getting ready for next year and there are lots of fun things planned by your new teachers for September! One thing I’m very excited about is that all children will have access to either Reading Eggs or Reading Plus next year. These are online reading platforms that are really going to help you all to become more fluent and efficient readers. You’ll have log ins sent to you soon, so please take a look whilst you’re at home.

Mrs Marsden.


White Rose have created some excellent home learning booklets. Before lockdown, we were about to start Spring Block 4 (Fractions); if you wanted to try learning something new then any of the booklets from then onwards would be fine. However, if you want to consolidate what you know already then any of the Y2 (or even Y1) booklets before Fractions would work also.

Remember to keep practising on Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars.



We have come to the end of the spelling list for Year 2. It is worth recapping some of the spellings you’ve encountered this year. I’ve found a website that goes through each spelling pattern and has a range of games that you can play to test yourself. Go to ‘spelling frame’ and click on Y2. Pick between the games in ‘spelling tiles’ or the test. You can then choose which spelling pattern you want to improve on.



Take a look at this unit of work about superheroes!




I’ve attached some ’60 second read’ comprehensions. You can choose any of the ones below; this week the theme is ‘poetry’.

Adult Guidence


The Star

What is Pink

Yo, Ho, Ho!

Continue reading the book banded books on .

You can continue to read texts on Serial Mash on and answer the comprehension activities.

Continue to visit



Take a look at the Oak Academy’s art lesson where you’ll learn to make insects from natural materials.



There are lots of fun activities and lessons on BBC Bitesize and Twinkl that you can access.