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Hello Year 2,

I can’t believe it but we’ve finally reached the end of Year 2. I know it hasn’t been the Year 2 that you or your family expected but myself and all the staff who have taught you this year are very proud of what you have achieved and we wish you all the very best for next year. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome at LSJ and I hope you have a lovely summer break!

Mrs Marsden.


Continue with the white rose booklets, choosing the one that you feel comfortable with.

Remember to keep practising on Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars.



Continue with the recapping of the spelling patterns at Spelling Frame. Go to ‘spelling frame’ and click on Y2. Pick between the games in ‘spelling tiles’ or the test. You can then choose which spelling pattern you want to improve on.



I’d love for you to write to me on Purple Mash to tell me what your plans are for the summer and what you have been doing over the last few weeks of Year 2. Go to Purple Mash, click on ‘computing’ then ’2email’. If you really want to push yourself, you could attach a photo or picture.



I’ve attached some ’60 second read’ comprehensions. You can choose any of the ones below; this week the theme is ‘witches and wizards’.

How to Make Teachers Disappear Activity Card

The Pendle Witches Activity Card

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Activity Card

Trick or Treat Activity Card


Continue reading the book banded books on

You can continue to read texts on Serial Mash on and answer the comprehension activities.

Continue to visit



Could you create a piece of artwork that tells your new teacher about yourself? It could include your hobbies, family, favourite food, what you watch on TV, where you go on holiday… If you like you could keep it safe and bring it in to show Miss Connolly in September.