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Year 2 Homework

Due in Wednesday 30th September.



Access ‘Reading Eggs’ at least three times a week. Unfortunately, ‘Fast Phonics’ doesn’t count as reading at home as we currently can’t track that in school.



Spellings are now on Spelling Shed. Please practise these as the children will be tested on them every Wednesday. Each week we will focus on a particular digraph (2 letters that make 1 sound) and look at the alternative spellings for that phoneme.

Each week the children will have 3 words for each spelling and 1 Common Exception Word (CEW), making a total of 10 words. Next week we will be tested on ie/i_e/y (all make the same long i sound as in pie/time/by).













Log in to Purple Mash. Go to ‘2Do’ and click on the ‘Make phrases interesting’ 2Do.

This week we have looked at putting adjectives before a noun e.g. the green, hairy troll (rather than the troll was green and hairy).

Practise putting an adjective (describing word) before the noun (person, place or thing). Then use the words to create sentences. These can be about anything – the sillier the better!



This week we have looked at 2 digit numbers and have begun to partition (split) them in to tens and ones. So 46 is made of 4 tens (40) and 6 ones (6). We’ve wrote calculations for these 46=40+6.

Visit ‘MyMaths’ and complete the place value work set.


Any problems, then please get in touch via the school office or on the Purple Mash email.

***If your child reads five times in a week, stays on ‘green’ in class and completes all their homework then they may be chosen for our new ‘Always Club’ treat on Friday!***

Mrs Marsden.