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Home Learning Week 2

Hi Year 2,

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and are able to get some fresh air out in your gardens. I have been thinking of you all and I hope you have all enjoyed the home learning activities I set last week.

Any questions on any of the tasks then you can get in touch with me via Purple Mash. Go to Computing/2Email. It will look like this:


Go to and work through an activity each day. There are seven to choose from for the next week.

On play the ‘Bond Bubbles’ game. Go to Home/Maths/Games/Launch App/Challenge A.



Visit and complete the tests set. Two new activities have been added for the next week.

On  go to Home/Topics/Write a postcard. Choose the blank postcard and write about a day at home. You could mention how you feel about not being at school, anything fun you’ve done with your family and what you’re looking forward to when you get back to school.

Visit ‘Once Upon A Picture’ and complete the writing activity for ‘Cliff’ under ‘Character Collection’. Can you make your own character using the suggestions? Draw your character in your home learning book and use adjectives to describe it. For example,

Willow is a tall, thin lady with long, flowing hair. She has enormous, brown eyes that can see through any object. Her body is tough and thick because she is so old. She speaks quietly, like a whisper and is very shy. On top of her head is a… Every time she moves she… When she is angry…



Visit and read a text from ‘Serial Mash’. Remember to complete the quizzes and activities for the text you chose.

Continue to visit  and complete the comprehensions.



We have a new spelling pattern and the next set of Common Exception Words to practise at

Go to and practise any of the Phase 5 games.