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Hello Year 2,

I hope you are all well and are managing to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine in your gardens or if you go outside to exercise.


 We will continue with just the White Rose lessons this week. Go to ‘Year 2, Week 2’. Watch the flashback 4 to warm up, then watch the video lesson before having a go at the questions in your workbook.

Also, I’d like to see you practising your number bonds on

Start with ‘Make 10’, then ‘Make 20’, then ‘Make 100’ (tens). If you can do all of these then challenge yourself to ‘Make 100’. (Don’t feel that you have to get through all of these – stick with the one you find tricky).

Don’t be tempted to go straight to the hardest one – if you don’t know your bonds to 10 really well then you won’t be able to do the others. Remember we use know facts to help us with trickier bonds. So if I know that 6+4 or 4+6 makes 10 then I know that 16+4 and 6+14 makes 20, that 60+40 and 40+60 makes 100.

If you do go on to the bonds to 100 challenge, get a paper and pencil and draw number lines to help you count the jumps to find the missing number. E.g.

If you have 22, how many more to make 100?

  1. Start by writing the first number (22) on the line.
  2. Add how many jumps to get to the next tens number (8 jumps to get to the next tens which is 30).
  3. Then count in tens till you reach 100 (70).
  4. Add the 2 jumps together and that’s your missing number.


And for a bit of fun, check out this number bond to 100 song!

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the maths work. Remember you can email me on Purple Mash.


Go to and practise any of the Phase 5 games.

We have a new spelling pattern and the next set of Common Exception Words to practise at

The spelling pattern this week is to add on the suffix ‘ment’ or ‘ness’ to a root word. A suffix is something you add on to the end of a word that changes its meaning. When you add ‘ment’ to a word it often changes the meaning from a verb to a noun (to pay someone vs payment is a thing you receive). The suffix ‘ness’ changes adjectives, like dark, to nouns ‘darkness’.

Practise writing these before having a go at the games. You could teach a member of your family the noughts and crosses spelling game we play in school.


There is a number of activities based on the ‘Elves and the Shoemaker’ traditional tale. Please read the story on Monday and discuss with an adult. If you can read it by yourself then please do so as that can count towards your reading for the day. However, if you need help with some of it then don’t worry, it’s fine to share it with an adult or older sibling. Then simply choose an activity to do each day. You don’t need to do them all – pick the ones you like the look of, and if you really want you can do more than one!


Visit and read a text from ‘Serial Mash’. Remember to complete the quizzes and activities for the text you chose.

Continue to visit  and complete the comprehensions.


Also, if you are looking for creative ideas or want something extra to do then you can access a month’s free resources on Twinkl.