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Week 1 – Home Learning (23/3/2020 – 27/3/2020)

Please complete these activities throughout the week in whichever way best suits you. You could complete these during normal school hours (9am – 3pm) but again, whatever is best for you and your family.

All activities should be completed online, except for where I have stated otherwise in this post.

Please keep checking Purple Mash 2email for any important updates and only email if there are any urgent problems. I will endeavour to reply as soon as I possibly can.

Remember, the most important things are for you to be kind, be helpful, be respectful and take care of yourselves and others – and don’t forget to have some fun too!

From Miss Connolly


Every morning at 9am, ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks will be live-streaming a 30 minute P.E session for all children to participate in at home. Please take part in this every day by clicking onto his YouTube channel Have fun!



  1. Frequency Tables and Bar Charts
  2. Interpreting Data
  3. Pictograms and Bar Charts
  4. Tally Charts
  5. Block Charts

-TT Rockstars (3 times per week at least, for approximately 20-30 minutes)

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

-Spelling Shed

Weekly spellings have been set as usual. For the next few weeks, spellings will be focusing on the Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings List. Children are to complete at least 20 games throughout the weeks, and try to achieve the ‘Royal Bee’ standard. There are more than the usual 10 spellings with this list.

I have set 4 SPAG tests for this week;

-Capital Letters and Full Stops

-Creating Sentences

-Exclamation Marks and Question Marks


These are live on


-Purple Mash / Serial Mash

You must read Chapters 1-4 of Alien Hotel on Purple Mash’s Serial Mash. You need to then answer the quiz questions and complete the writing task that follows.


-Pobble 365

Use the calendar to select the date ’18th March’ called ‘Crash!’.

  1. Complete the Question Time questions in Red Home English Books.
  2. Use the ‘Story Starter’ to write a story about the picture of the Lego Crash. Copy out the starter and finish the rest of the story.
  3. Complete the ‘Perfect Picture!’ task. Draw what Lawrence could have seen before the crash.


Our current topic in Science is ‘Animals Including Humans’. So far, we have covered all of our learning about humans and were beginning to look at animals.

Below is a PowerPoint Presentation about the different animal groups. Read through the information in the PowerPoint and complete the activity sheet that follows. If you can print the sheet off that would be great, if not, it can be completed in one of your Home Learning Books.

Animal Groups – PowerPoint Information

Sorting Animals into Sets Middle Ability – Worksheet


In History, we have started learning about The Romans. Below is a PowerPoint Presentation about Roman Soldiers. Read through the information on the PowerPoint and complete the activity sheet that follows.  If you can print the sheet off that would be great, if not, you could draw/label/colour your own Roman Soldier in your Home Learning Books!

Roman Soldiers – PowerPoint Information

Label A Roman Soldier – Worksheet


Please follow the link below for the Daily Prayer from the Church of England.

Our unit of work in R.E currently is ‘Salvation’ and learning about how Jesus rescued people.

Watch the following video about The Bible Story of Zacchaeus.


Draw Zacchaeus in your Home Learning Book. Write on your drawing what Zacchaeus’ life was like after meeting Jesus (for example, free, forgiven etc…)  using ‘happy colours’.

Then write what life was like before meeting Jesus (for example, lonely etc…) using ‘sad colours’. Discuss how Jesus rescued Zacchaeus and why this is an important story for Christians.