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Hello Year 4!

I can’t believe we’re at the end of this crazy school year! I know it hasn’t been the year we thought it might be and we have unfortunately missed out on time spent together in school but I just wanted to say it has been an absolute pleasure teaching you all, this year! It made me incredibly happy to see you all working so hard in class, and at home, and you should all be very proud of all the brilliant things you have achieved in as year 4s. This week I’ll be setting a few last tasks for the year for you to have a go at and then I think it’s time for a nice relaxing, safe, summer holiday!

Thank you very much for a fantastic year everyone! (parents and guardians included) I hope you all have a lovely summer break and make sure to come tell me all about what you’ve been up to when we return in September, I’ll be just across the corridor!

Stay safe, be good and take it easy!

Mr Smith!


BBC Bitesize

As per usual BBC Bitesize have another week of fab lessons at home for you to have a go at! Still plenty of interesting subjects to learn about!



This week, I’m going to set you some fab maths based challenges to have a go at! All about the maths all around you in the real world!

Why not start with this!? “The Maths of Me”

Next, discover the maths around your home!

How about creating an angle eater to help you learn about and find angles all around your house?

Then, how about flipping a coin? What maths is involved there? Have a go at this experiment!

Finally, sweets! Grab yourself a packet of smarties (or other colorful sweets) and let’s work on our fractions!



This week, I want you to watch your favourite film! Or maybe watch your brother or sister’s favorite film, or your parents, step-parents, grandparents. I just want you to watch a great film and then write me a film review! Pretend you are a film critic writing for a magazine. Below I’m going to link some documents to help you with some ideas you could use to help write your review! I’d love to hear what film you’re going to review!




Finally, just an extra list of some great activities to keep you going over the summer hols! Enjoy!

Have a fantastic break! Keep working hard! We’ll see you all in September!

Mr Smith!