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Hello everyone, welcome to home learning week 2! I hope everyone has had a nice first week of being at home (including all you parents and carers) I can see lots of you have been working hard with your online learning and I hope you have spent time in between your work enjoying the sun and having some quality time with your families. I have been spending some quality time with my cats who are loving me being at home so much at the moment!

This week, I will be setting a new set of online tasks to complete and a number of tasks that can be completed in your home learning books.


In maths we will continue focusing on decimals so we are ready to move into using decimals in the real world and using money as well as other tasks to help revision with decimals and fractions. 

White Rose Maths

Follow this link, here you will find an instructional video and some worksheet activities to complete in your maths books all about decimals/ We have already covered this work in class but its always good to refresh our memories on it. There is an activity for each day of the week to have a go at.

If you struggle with these tasks have a go at one of the other year group activities, of if you found the year 4 activities easy why not try some year 5 tasks.

If your parents/carers head to the white rose maths Facebook page there is further support with some video maths lessons to take part in this week.

My Maths/Purple Mash

Login to your MyMaths and you will find 3 homeworks all of which will be revising fractions. and decimals together.

Login to your Purple Mash accounts and I have set 3 To-dos also all about revising fractions.


Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables and have a look for any games that involve decimals and fractions.

Carol Vorderman’s Maths Lessons

One extra resource for this week is, prolific mathematician, Carol Vorderman is doing online maths lessons which you can take part in!

Carol Vorderman has a free website to help with maths:

Morning Maths Challenge

For any children missing my Morning Maths number 11 challenge, here is an online version of it for you to have a go at


I have set enough tasks for you to do one a day, SPaG tests ranging from year 1 SPaG to year 4 SPaG. Give them a good go and lets see how many 100% scores we can get by the end of the week!

Spelling Shed

I have set all groups a new set of spellings this week. Your challenge is to get the rank of ‘Queen Bee’. To practice your writing, you could try to use this weeks spellings in a sentence and write those sentences in your home learning books. Any words you don’t know the meaning of look them up in a dictionary or on the internet!

Pobble365 or Literacy Shed

At least one day this week, choose a picture from Pobble365 or a video from The Literacy Shed and complete the tasks based on the picture or video, you should have had a go at Pobble least week so it might be a good idea to have a look at The Literacy Shed this week, there are loads of great videos to choose from, with lots of fun writing tasks to have a go at relating to the video.  One of my favourites is called ‘Eye of the Storm’ which you will find in the ‘Fantasy Shed’ section.

Remember to use all the things we have learned in class in your writing: show off your impressive expanded noun phrases for description, start your sentences with different fronted adverbials, use powerful verbs when describing what someone or something is doing, extend your sentences with conjunctions. I cant wait to read some of these when we return to school!

Purple Mash-Reading

Choose a Serial Mash book to read through and have a go at the quizzes and other tasks that it offers. Just do a chapter at a time!

You could also choose a book at home you enjoy reading and make up your own quiz about the parts you have read to challenge other people who read the book!

David Walliams

David Walliams is also doing free audio stories of some of his own books which you will find on his website.


This week we will be continuing with our work on sound in science.

I have set you 2 sound quizzes on Purple Mash.

As well as the quizzes why not have a go at a sound survey around your house. Listen carefully to the sounds around you, where are the sounds coming from, which sounds are loudest and which are quietest? Could you do something to make the sounds you hear louder or quieter? Do different things muffle the sounds better than others?

Use this Activity Sheet School Sound Survey to record your findings or draw a table in your home learning books to record your results.

That’s all for this week, and it should be plenty to keep you all busy. Remember if there are any issues don’t hesitate to email me through Purple Mash, or just email me for the fun of it! I would love to hear what you have been up to while we’ve been away from school! Have any of you learned a new interesting skill? Have any of you done your own research projects that you have enjoyed? Have any of you been watching any new shows or movies you could recommend to me? (I’ve just signed up to Disney+ so I’m enjoying that at the moment) Have you written any awesome stories, done some cool artwork or are you just particularly proud of the work you’ve done at home? Let me know!

Also, if parents are on Facebook they could follow the school Facebook page for updates about what is going on and they can also send in pictures of you all working hard at home!

Stay safe and look after each other and I’ll see you all soon!

Mr Smith