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Hello again everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely 2 week holiday and have been keeping yourselves safe and sane! I will be back to posting some online learning for you to be doing this week that will consist of maths, english and geography. Remember to try to do something each day to keep your learning fresh in your minds, as we near the end of year 4 it is very important to keep up the hard work so you are as prepared as you can be for year 5, even during this bizarre time. As well as working hard this week make sure to take time for yourselves to learn or practice new skills and be as helpful around the house as possible.  I would still love to see what you’ve been up to over half term or during your learning this week so please do drop me an email on purple mash or email the school at to get your hard work featured on the school Facebook page!

As you may also have heard, this week was meant to be the return to school for some of the year groups, unfortunately that doesn’t yet include us in year 4 but school is working hard to keep everyone updated over the ever changing situation.

Stay safe, be good and keep working hard!

Mr Smith


BBC Bitesize

The BBC bitesize website is continuing their home learning resources! There is be a maths and english task each day as well as history, geography, science, RE and music through the week to have a go at! For each lesson their are videos to watch and activities you can have a go at in your home learning books.

If the year 4 lessons are too easy to too hard it’s OK to have a go at another year’s work, especially if some of the work set this week for the other year groups links to some of our wider topics such as the Ancient Greeks or Egyptians!



I have decided that the best thing for us to be doing in maths this half term is a little revision work of things we have previously learnt during the course of the year. I will be including some new learning as well but in preparation for you moving to year 5 I will be setting online learning that revisits as many of our year 4 topics as I can so that when you get to year 5 and are doing more difficult work related to these topics, the work will be fresher in your minds.


My Maths/Purple Mash

This week I will be setting maths work on MyMaths and Purple Mash relating to work we did all the way back in September (seems so long ago doesn’t it?) place value.


Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables and have a look for any games that involve using time.

Morning Maths Challenge

For any children missing my Morning Maths number 11 challenge, here is an online version of it for you to have a go at



I have set enough tasks for you to do one a day, SPaG tests ranging from year 2 SPaG to year 4 SPaG. Remember, these tests can be very difficult and will mark your answers wrong if just one word is misspelled or just one piece of punctuation is missing. Take your time and try your best!

Spelling Shed

I have set all groups a new set of spellings this week. Your challenge is to get the rank of ‘Queen Bee’. To practice your writing, you could try to use this weeks spellings in a sentence and write those sentences in your home learning books. Any words you don’t know the meaning of look them up in a dictionary or on the internet!

Pobble365 or Literacy Shed

I am continuing to promote these two great websites and can’t wait to see the stories you’ve written when we get back to school. Simply choose and picture or video and let it be the inspiration for a fantastic story.

This week, I recommend this picture As well as completing the tasks below the picture, could you imagine yourself in a hot air balloon and describe what you can see as you sail across the sky? Where would you go in your balloon if you could go anywhere?

Or, why not try this video? as well as completing the tasks below this picture, could you design and label your own robot using expanded noun phrases for description? Could you write a set of instructions for building a robot? What info would you need to include in your instructions?

Purple Mash-Reading

Choose a Serial Mash book to read through and have a go at the quizzes and other tasks that it offers. Just do a chapter at a time!

You could also choose a book at home you enjoy reading and make up your own quiz about the parts you have read to challenge other people who read the book!

David Walliams

David Walliams is still doing free audio stories of some of his own books which you will find on his website. Theyre a great listen while your’re working on something else!


Don’t forget you can keep trying the world geography games online, can you correctly name all the countries in Europe on a map yet?

This half term we will be looking at the physical geography of Europe. This means we will moving on from looking at cities and landmarks and instead will be looking closer at the natural landscape of Europe, how different it is and how these differences effect the people and animals that live there. Firstly, why not have a go at this reading comprehension all about the natural features of Europe.

Europe Natural Features Reading Differentiated Comprehension Activity

Questions and Answers

Now, why not do some research? Can you find out what is the largest mountain, the longest river, and the biggest volcano in europe? What intersting facts can you find out about these places? Put your information into a poster, powerpoint or any other creative way of displaying what you have learned!


Stay safe and keep working hard!

Mr Smith