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Hi Year 5,

You have been doing some excellent work at home this week, it has been lovely to see your achievements. Today should have been transition day and as we are unable to share with you together who your teachers are for next year, we have all created a video with a challenge to do for your new teacher over the summer holiday. If you click onto the Year 6 page, you will find out who your teacher is!



Monday- Measuring angles around a point

Activity: My maths- Measuring angles.


Tuesday-Measuring angles in a straight line

Activity: Year-5-Summer-Block-2-Step-5-RPS-Angles-on-a-Straight-Line


Wednesday- Identifying angles.

There are 2 worksheets on there but if you want extra practise.

Activity: t2-m-289-acute-and-obtuse-angles-activity-sheet_ver_4


Thursday – Comparing and ordering angles

There are 2 worksheets but if you want extra practise

Activity: t2-m-1975-year-4-ordering-angles-differentiated-activity-sheets_ver_5


Friday- Regular and irregular polygons

Activity: Year-5-Summer-Block-2-Step-8-VF-Regular-and-Irregular-Polygons



Measuring angles

Angles 2

Squared and Cubed (Remember 2 squared= 2 x 2= 4, 2 cubed= 2 x 2 x 2= 8)


 Monday– Read Pages 4-7 Look deeply at the picture of the Poison pool (Page 6-7), think of adjectives to describe the scene.

Use the Modal verbs and organise them into a table whether the modal verb shows a degree of impossibility, possibility or definite.

Then use these modal verbs and the adjectives you created before, to create sentences to describe the scene. I have given you some examples on page 3 of the PowerPoint.


Re-look at this picture from yesterday and using the sentences you created, write a paragraph to describe the poison pool.

Example description of the Poison Pool:

The Poison Pool. How could anything survive in this dark, reeking abyss? Should any defenceless living creature stumble upon it, there would be no hope of survival. Between the barrels of toxic waste, only hardy beetles and cockroaches can survive. As the water is diseased, not even the birds will venture down to the ground and choose to stay in the trees.

Now you are going to plan a letter to our local Councillor, Andy Carter, to make him aware of the problem and urge him to do something about it.

Introduction into the Rubbish Dump and the Poison Pool Why the issue needs addressing What you would like them to do.



When writing to a Councillor, your letters will need to be formal. Use the sentences and decide whether they are formal or informal. The answers are on there too so you can check if you got them all right. Think about how the sentences sound different.

Activity: Formal or informal



Use your plan from Tuesday to write your letter to the Councillor, don’t forget it needs to be in a formal.

Example letter to Mr Carter

Here is a list of criteria, can you include all of these? Success Criteria



Formal and informal (A)

Grammar Y5 (B)



Take this time to reflect on your time at home and the experiences you have had. How are you feeling at home? About returning to school next year? Write a prayer to explain your thoughts and feelings to God.



It has been a joy to see your boats and parachutes. This weeks experiment is based on friction and how it can be useful.

Lesson Presentation

Investigating Friction Activity

Have fun experimenting this week!


Hope you have a great week, continue to send me your work, I love seeing them!

Mrs Parkinson