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We have finally reached the last week of Year 5 and what a year!

I am so sorry we weren’t able to finish the year together but I would rather you work from home and be safe! This week is a short week as we finish on Wednesday (although teachers are in until the end of the week so if you need me, I am still around!)


Monday -Understand and interpret timetables-

Classroom secrets- Year-5-Autumn-Block-3-Step-6-VF-Timetables

Tuesday– Decimals and fractions-

Classroom secrets- Year-6-Spring-Block-1-Step-7-VF-Decimals-as-Fractions

Wednesday– Challenges

Timestable Rockstars/ Numbots




Monday- Read End of the book . Then research landfill sites using the websites below.

and record the benefits, problems and what can be done to solve the problem.

Tuesday- Create tweets including hashtags for a landfill site. Add parenthesis (extra information) using brackets, commas or dashes. Parenthesis and commas (B)

Wednesday- Create a poster for or against landfill. Be persuasive so use facts, incorporate the reader into feeling that they are a part of this use (you, we), and include pictures.


Lesson Presentation Special Places

Look at how and where Sikhs pray. Create a poster to inform others of these practices.

Holiday work

  1. Mrs Armitage has set you the task to research what rations were in the World Wars and then design an outfit or a meal which used rations.

2. If you wish to carry on your learning there are some excellent workbooks on White Rose in all       year groups so that you can practise certain aspects of mathematics.

3. Spelling shed- I have uploaded revision on the spellings we have looked at last year as well as         the High Frequency words which most of you need to practise.

4. I have set a Grammar test on for if you wish to practise your grammar knowledge.

Have a great Summer holiday, you have had a very strange year which you have taken to amazingly. It has shown how resilient you are.

Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Worrall.