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Good Morning everyone,

It seems very strange not seeing you all today but I hope you are all staying safe at home.


Joe Wicks is presenting a keep fit on his Youtube channel every morning at 9am.


I have set three tasks on Mymaths

  1. Comparing fractions- bar model
  2. Counting 5
  3. Starting to multiply fractions

Time Table Rockstars- I have set you 20 sessions to complete this week on studio. This is a minimum requirement.

10 minute test book- please complete the next test and self mark- remember the answers are in the back.


SPAG- I have set you two activities on

  1. Terminology- Yr 5 (A)
  2.  Verbs in perfect form

Writing- As discussed last week I would like you to complete the story on Pobble 365 – date 9th March- thing of why the alarm could be sounding, we discussed some options last week.

10 Minute test book-  Please complete the next test and self mark- the answers are in the back.

Reading plus- for a minimum of 30 minutes a day

Reading-  In Friend or Foe please read Chapter 5- look up any words you don’t understand and in your English books write why David and Tucky should help and why David and Tucky shouldn’t help. After this please write what you would do, now that you have thought of reasons for and against.

History-  Research and present facts about Alfred the Great- these can be written in your English books. Why was he ‘Great’?

#Lesson Presentation Viking Raiders and Invaders

These need to be completed by Friday 27th March. Any problems just email me on Purple Mash.

Mrs Parkinson