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I know working from home seems a strange situation, and not being able to play in the park with your friends is hard, just remember, it won’t last forever and social distancing is there to protect the most vulnerable. Here are some tips to help you while you are at home.

  1. Set up a work station, preferably one near sunlight; sunlight makes you feel better and while the weather is nice it means you can open a window to get fresh air too.
  2. Set up your own timetable- one that works for you. An example of one is here:

 9-9:30am- PE with Joe Wicks- he is no Mr Waldron but staying active helps with keeping you fit and feeling positive.

9:30- 10am– Times table rockstars

10- 10:30am- Maths

10:30- 11am- Numbots

11- 11:30– Break

11:30- 11:45- Spelling shed

11:45- 12:30– English / History

12:30- 1pm– Lunch

1- 1:30pm– Mindfulness- yoga, meditation, colouring

1:30- 2pm–  Reading plus

2-3pm– Do something fun- art, science experiment (why don’t you share what we learned on Science day with your family), bake, do some gardening, dance.  You could even deep clean your bedrooms!

3.  Whatever timetable you set for yourself remember it is OK to take breaks- you would do in school. Try to get some fresh air whether that is in your garden, yard or balcony. We are currently still able to go outside for a walk (just keep your distance from other people and wash your hands when you return.)

Please do not go to the park or socialise with your friends face to face. We are doing all of this to protect others, but you could call/ facetime your friends to stay in contact.

Below are some ideas to help inspire your afternoon art lesson, these are just a suggestion, I’m sure you have many other brilliant ideas!