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Hi Year 5,

I know you (and your parents/carers) have been working so hard. I am so proud of you all. As it is now the Easter holidays, I won’t be setting you any work to do. However, as a school, we are asking all of you to read as much as possible and send in pictures of you completing the ‘Extreme Reading’ challenge. After you have taken a photo of yourselves, please complete a book review telling everyone different books that you would recommend. Please send your photos of your Extreme reading and your book reviews to the school office.

I have included a template that you could you use and an example which I have created for you.

Book Review model

Book Review template

I have inserted my Extreme reading- I tried hiding in the wardrobe for a bit of piece but it didn’t work- I was found!

Now its your turn!

Your second challenge for the holidays is to record yourselves dancing to ‘My lighthouse’ so that we can put it together as a whole school video. Please do it to this version however do our actions (or freestyle!) These need to be sent to the school office by Easter Monday (Monday 13th April).

For the rest of the holidays, enjoy the time off with your families and be creative! If you need some inspiration, I have included some different ideas for you.

what can we do in the easter holidays sheet

Enjoy your holiday, I am still contactable via Purple Mash so keep emailing me, I love hearing what you are doing.

Mrs Parkinson