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Hello Year 5,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break! Today would mark the beginning of the Summer term in Year 5 so I will be setting work again for each week. Please ensure work is completed by Friday.


I hope you are enjoying Joe Wicks, I joined in on a couple of the classes last week when I was in school and will continuing to do so at home. This is a great way to set you up for the morning. For anyone who hasn’t been on it, it starts at 9am every morning.


Please go onto White rose, there is a lesson for each day this week. You need to do Summer term Week 1 w/c 20th April. There are videos to watch which will help you answer the questions, questions sheets and the answers are there too. This is important to do as it is your learning for this term so that you don’t miss anything.

I have also set tasks on MyMaths which need to be completed by Friday.

  1. Mixed numbers
  2. Finding fractions- (for Q2 remember to get the whole you will need to divide by the top, times by the bottom)
  3. Fractions on a number line
  4. More written methods (addition and subtraction)


Please complete all sections for the picture on Pobble365 for the day 18th March Crash.

SPAG- I have set various tests:

  1. Suffixes and prefixes (B)
  2. Direct Speech Punctuation (A)
  3. Parenthesis and Commas

Spelling- I have reset List 18 as I noticed most of the class hadn’t been on it, please make sure you practise this week.


Our topic this half term is Space: Sun, Moon and Earth and their relations. I know most of you really enjoyed the work we did with Chris Hadfield so (hopefully) you will enjoy this topic too.

Task 1

Your first task is to look at the evidence cards and sort them into evidence for beliefs the Earth is flat and  the Earth is spherical (these can be printed out and arranged either in your books or with a photograph or copied into your English books),

Using the evidence to support your answer can you decide what shape is the earth?

Activity Sheet Shape of the Earth Evidence Cards

Task 2

Activity Sheet Planetary Fact Cards

Watch the BBC video above and read the fact cards about the different planets in our solar system. Then create your own poster- there are the planets below, you could cut them out, colour them and add a couple of facts per planet. Or you could draw them yourselves or create a poster on publisher. Your choice.

Planetary Poster – HA


Our new topic for R.E is Discipleship.

Think: What is a promise? Have you ever made a promise with someone? What did he/she promise? What did you promise? Did you keep it? Think of examples eg Brownie, cub promises.

Read Genesis 6:9 – 9:17. (Noah and the Ark)

Focus on the promise in the story that is made between Noah and God and the importance of the rainbow sign.

Think: How does a promise work if there are two parties promising something to each other? Eg marriage (ie two parties have to keep to their side of the promise for it work out).Think of a definition for the word ‘covenant’- you could look it up in a dictionary.

In your Red English books or on a piece of paper- draw a rainbow and underneath it, write what is meant by ‘covenant’ and what was the importance of the rainbow in the story of Noah’s Ark.


Remember this is your work for the week, if you need any help I am only an email away!