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Hi Year 5,

I hope you all had a relaxing two weeks off and enjoyed some of the nice weather. Mrs Worrall and I are back in school from this week supporting Year 6 but we are still contactable via email if you need us.


I have given you a couple of options for your writing this week.

On here there is a video you could:

  • Write more missions for Walter which are spoilt by the pigeon,
  • Write a news report on events, interviewing key witnesses etc
  • Write a persuasive argument giving an argument for why it was not the pigeon’s fault.

Or you could create a setting description based on this picture or use the Story Starter for writing your own story.

Spag I have set you three things to complete on

Word families

Y4 Terminology (B)

Apostrophes and Plurals (B)

Spelling-  List 23- Please complete 10 games.


Last week was our holiday but it wasn’t for most schools so on BBC bitesize please concentrate on last weeks lessons.







Roman Numerals

Negative Numbers 1

Place value hundreds and thousands

Angles 3

Times Tables Rockstars – Mrs Armitage has set you 10 sessions on studio.


Our new topic is Holy Spirit.

I would like you to research how Baptism links to Confirmation thinking about the Holy Spirit. Within this, think about what happens during Confirmation and the promises that the participants are making.

You need to answer: Why do Christians sometimes get confirmed? What role does the Holy Spirit make in the service? and what happens next?



Our Topic this term is Forces.

Lesson Presentation

Forces in Action Activity Sheet

As an introduction to the different forces, please read the PowerPoint and identify the different forces on the activity sheet.

Any problems or if you want to share your work with us, please email.

Have a great week!