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Hi Year 5, I know you are still working really hard and I know some of you are finding motivating yourself is difficult. That is understandable but keep pushing yourself!


This week you have a mixture of decimals and coordinates.

Monday-  Write fractions as decimals and percentages.

Tuesday- Adding decimals using a formal method

Wednesday- Adding decimals with different number of decimal places

Thursday- Introduction to translation

There is a worksheet on here but I have included another one for more practise.

Classroom secrets worksheet: Year-5-Summer-Block-3-Step-5-VF-Translation-with-Coordinates  There are different levels D is the easiest, E is the middle and GD is more challenging, you can choose which you are most comfortable doing. Answers are at the end.

Friday- Describing Positions and coordinates.

There is an independent task on the website however I have included these worksheets for practise too.



My Maths

I have set two tasks on here relating to the coordinates lessons on Thursday and Friday and one to practise your multiplications.

Coordinates 1

Translating and reflecting

Short and Long multiplication


TT Rockstars 10 sessions have been set


This week we are focusing on Poetry.

Monday- Analysing and performing poetry 

Tuesday- Imagery and figurative language in poetry

Wednesday- Personification worksheet-  t2-e-4684-the-wyrmstooth-crown-powerful-personification-differentiated-writing-activity_ver_1

Remember personification is where you give a none-human object human qualities e.g. The tree stood silently.

Thursday- Metaphors and Similes worksheet. t2-e-3219-change-the-simile-to-a-metaphor-activity-sheet

Remember similes are where you compare one thing to be ‘like’ or ‘as’ another. Eg I ran as fast as a tiger.

Metaphors are where you compare one thing by mentioning another. Eg They are peas in a pod.

Friday- Write a poem using figurative language.



I have set you two tests on this week. If you are unsure of what the terminology is, then look it up. You do not need to complete these as a test rather a learning tool.

Terminology (Y4)

Grammar- Y5 (C )


Reading plus

Complete at least 20 mins three times a week.


Spelling Shed– List 25 Homophones



Read Acts 8:1-3

and Acts 9: 1-31

Paul completely changed and became a follower of Jesus. Think about what that means. Think about whether you think the Holy Spirit was involved.

Task: Write a letter/ diary pretending to be a Christian at the time of the persecution. Include how you have had to hide your faith from others, removing Christian symbols from your homes and how you could still follow God’s work, praying in secret.



This week we are investigating water resistance.

Lesson Presentation

Look through the PowerPoint and then design and make a boat thinking about the best shape.

Then evaluate it, was it the best design? Did it float? If you were to rebuild it, what would you change and what would you keep?


I hope you have a great week, you can always contact me on Purple mash if you want to share your work or have any problems. I love reading your work and seeing you experiments so do share them.


Mrs Parkinson