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Hello Year 6,

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.  Not long now until the summer holidays!  Keep trying hard with your home learning tasks and please get in touch on Purple Mash if you need any help.

Transition to High School

Under different circumstances, many of you would be spending some time in your new high schools this week, to support your transition.  Each high school has created their own virtual transition activities for you to follow including school tours, videos with teachers and students and lessons. On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th July, Sir Thomas Boteler will launch their virtual transition programme on their website.  You will be able to access this at home and we will be following it in school.

Message from Sir Thomas Boteler

You will find all the videos and activities on the following link Please work through each one during the day and remember to take breaks as there is a lot of screen time. Complete the tasks as this will help you develop your skills for September. They are there for you to enjoy so please don’t worry about them. There is also a Boteler Wider Curriculum booklet with loads of activities in to keep you going through the summer and to start on Monday. You can bring this in to show your form tutor in September or make notes of the ones you have completed if you cannot print it off.

Have a good week.

Mrs D

Morning Maths – activities are included in the table below. Choose one mat to complete from the three different levels available.

This week, we’re studying Multiplication and Division.

Video tutorials are available on:

  • White Rose Maths
    Please watch the daily video tutorials, in the timetable below, to guide your learning, then complete the Classroom Secrets activity sheets. Remember you can choose the level you work at.
Monday Morning maths – Mat-1

Sir Thomas Boteler Transition –

Tuesday Morning maths – Mat-2

Sir Thomas Boteler Transition –

Wednesday Morning maths – Mat-3

Multiply up to 4 digits by 2 digits –

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Autumn-Block-2-Step-2-VF-Multiply-4-digits-by-2-digits

Thursday Morning maths – Mat-4

Short division –

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Autumn-Block-2-Step-3-VF-Short-Division

Friday Morning maths – Mat-5

Arithmetic paper – ks2-mathematics-2018-paper-1

My Maths –

TT Rock Stars/Numbots –



Monday Sir Thomas Boteler Transition –
Tuesday Sir Thomas Boteler Transition –

Today, you are going to write a detailed description using the image prompt. Remember to use your senses for descriptive writing, and include expanded noun phrases and figurative language such as simile, metaphor or personification. Think about the contrast between the background and foreground in the picture.

Thursday Watch the Lighthouse film animation below. Then choose an English task(s) from the Literacy Shed’s suggested activities here The Lighthouse KS2 Activity Pack – KS2 Activity Pack. You might like to write a description of the lighthouse on the rocks, research a history of lighthouses or find out about Grace Darling. The pack also includes a word search and some reading activities.
Friday Today, I’d like you to create a diamanté poem. You will find the instructions for this on pages 6 & 7 of the activity pack. Lots of ideas are provided. Please send me your poems using Purple Mash.

If you would like an additional writing challenge, try the activities on Pobble365 – The Miniature Castle.

You can send photos or attachments of your completed work to me via your Purple Mash email.



Following the Macbeth Retold reading activities you worked on last week, please complete reading comprehension activities using this link Comprehension-Macbeth.

Reading Plus –

It is important to spend 30 minutes 3-4 times each week on Reading Plus.

SPaG –

Spelling –

Additional learning

You can find many more exciting lessons in History, Geography, RE, Science, Art and more on BBC Bitesize Daily BBC Bitesize Daily or Oak National Academy Oak National Academy.