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Hello Year 6,

Just three days to go before school’s out for the summer! It’s been a bizarre school year! One where some of you have spent more than a term learning at home. It just goes to show how resilient you all are. It has been a pleasure being your teacher for the last two years. You’ve all achieved amazing things and should be very proud of yourselves. Soon, you’ll be Year 7s. Wow! How did that happen so quickly? You must be excited thinking about your next adventure at high school. You’ll all be brilliant!

I’ve set a few activities for you below but remember to have some fun and do things that make you smile!

Have a fabulous summer everyone!

Mrs D x

Morning Maths – Year-6-maths-summer-morning-starter-1

This week you can choose your maths tasks.  The options below are revision units that can be found on BBC Bitesize Daily.  Alternatively, you could try a challenge, solving The Mystery of Cinema Suspects The-mystery-of-the-cinema-suspects-maths-game.  Just work through the maths tasks to find the clues and solve the mystery.

Video tutorials are available on:

  • BBC Bitesize Daily
    You can work your way through the videos and activities on-line to aid your learning, or if you feel confident with the subject, scroll down the page to find the activity sheets that you should complete in your maths books.

If you are finding any of the maths tasks tricky, please visit where you’ll find some new work booklets, designed by White Rose. You can choose the level you work at; perhaps you could re-look at topics you find challenging.

Monday Revise: Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages

Tuesday Revise: Find percentages of amounts

Wednesday Revise: Converting metric measurements

My Maths –

TT Rock Stars/Numbots –


For writing this week, you will find a daily Pobble365 below, to take a look at. Use the image to help unleash your imagination and tackle the tasks.


The Pod





The Predator

Reading Plus

It is important to spend 30 minutes 3-4 times each week on Reading Plus.

SPaG –

Spelling –

Additional learning


You can find many more exciting lessons in History, Geography, RE, Science, Art and more on BBC Bitesize Daily BBC Bitesize Daily or Oak National Academy Oak National Academy.


Summer Fun