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We had a long and eventful first day on our Spanish adventure. The journey went well, without any difficulties, with other passengers commenting on how well behaved our children were.

We were greeted at the airport by one of our Spanish colleagues from the school, and taken to our hotel by coach.

We checked in, had lunch, went shopping for beach accessories and big bottles of water, and then got ready for the beach.

All was going swimmingly. The sun was shining, the children were smiling and all were having a great time. That was not to last. Unfortunately, Amelia was stung by a jellyfish and so all children, for their safety, had to then stay out of the water. Luckily we had prepared for all eventualities and had treatments ready for the relief of stings. Amelia has not let this experience dampen her spirits, has remained her usual positive, upbeat self. She now even has a temporary souvenir of her time in Spain!

We are looking forward to a busy day in school today, and we are also aiming to try some new foods at meal times!