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We had a great day yesterday. We started the morning off with breakfast in the hotel, then headed over to school for the morning and met our Spanish friends. The Spanish children performed for us, we played outdoor games and then we had snack together. The children had play time together, and then we were taken on a tour of the school, with the Spanish children explaining their fascinating Science displays to us.

After school, we had lunch at the hotel and got ready for the beach. Alberto, our Spanish friend and colleague, told us of a different area which may not be affected by the jellyfish. We ventured off to the beach, and Alberto was right-there were not any jellyfish in sight when we arrived. We explained to the children about what to do if anyone did see a jellyfish, and they were all extremely sensible and cautious for the whole of the afternoon. They enjoyed playing in the sea, jumping in the waves. Initially, Amelia didn’t want to get back in the water after Monday’s event, however she overcame her anxieties and joined her friends!

We ended the day with a meal in the hotel, an ice cream by the promenade and a walk!

The children are looking forward to a day in Malaga today, with some children even commenting that they do not want to go home on Friday! Everybody is having a wonderful time.