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Hello Year 6,

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

If you have confirmed your place to return to school this week, we look forward to welcoming you back on Thursday 18th June. As you are aware, many changes have been made to minimise risks and keep us all as safe as possible.  Parents/Carers, please make sure that you have read all of the information on the ‘School Closure’ page detailing our ‘Return to School’ plans and talk through the relevant information with your child before Thursday.

Our on-line education page will continue to be updated each Monday to support your home learning. You can contact me through Purple Mash and I’d love to receive examples of your work and hear about the fun things you’ve been up to.

Also, remember to keep checking the high school websites for updates on transition.

Have a good week.

Mrs D

Morning Maths

Year 6 Maths Revision Morning Starter – Pack 9

Algebra & Converting Units

Video tutorials are available on:

BBC Bitesize (daily links will be updated in the table below) and

White Rose Maths

These tutorials align with our timetable below. You can work your way through the videos and activities on-line to aid your learning, or if you feel confident with the subject, scroll down the page to find the activity sheets that you should complete to consolidate your knowledge.  Please note that White Rose worksheets are no longer available but the video tutorials are still helpful.  I have also included Classroom Secrets options, where you can choose the level you work at for each task.

Monday Solving 2-step equations –
Tuesday Using substitutions –

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Spring-Block-3-Step-4-VF-Substitution

Wednesday Convert metric measures –

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Spring-Block-4-Step-2-VF-Convert-Metric-Measures

Thursday Miles & kilometres –

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Spring-Block-4-Step-4-VF-Miles-And-Kilometres

Friday Maths Challenge –

Arithmetic – ArithmeticPaper9

My Maths –

TT Rock Stars –


This week you’ll be learning all about different types of poems and writing your own versions. Each link below provides a complete lesson based on the particular type of poetry you’ll be mastering that day. This week’s lessons provide an abundance of opportunities for you to be creative. Inspire me, Year 6 😉

Monday Analysing and performing poems –
Tuesday Assonance, onomatopoeia & alliteration –
Wednesday Writing limericks and clerihews –
Thursday Writing narrative poems –
Friday Complete and illustrate your poems and send them to me!

If you would like an additional writing challenge, try the activities on Pobble365 – The Lighthouse.

Please send photos or attachments of your work to me through Purple Mash email.




This week’s reading tasks are based on Joan Aiken’s, ‘The Wolves of Willoughby Chase’ and can be found here The activities are supported by video clips.

Reading Plus –

It is important to spend 30 minutes 3-4 times each week on Reading Plus.

SPaG –

Spelling –


Learn all about the circulatory system and complete the tasks at


Additional learning

You can find many more exciting lessons in History, Geography, RE, Science, Art and more on BBC Bitesize Daily.