Year 3 Summer Newsletter

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Please find attached the class newsletter for Summer term.


Summer Newsletter Y3 2018-2019 PDF

‘Welcome One Another as Christ has Welcomed You,’ Romans 15:7

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Art and Soul

Our little school is wonderfully diverse in many ways and one of the things that makes our community so interesting and exciting is our cultural and ethnic mix. We are lucky enough to have children from all over the world in our school—the world in one school! Did you know that there are twenty two languages spoken in our school? Our Ethos Group wanted celebrate this and also provide a warm welcome to anyone that comes to our school. They worked with an artist called Chris Gilbert, known as the Art and Soul Man, to produce our stunning welcome cross which now takes pride of place in our foyer. Next time you’re in, come and have a look—it’s beautiful. The Ethos Group read lots of Bible quotes before deciding on Romans 15:7. Each of the arms radiating out from the cross at the heart, has ‘welcome’ written on it, in each of our 22 languages. It’s inspiring, attractive and, above all, welcoming. Well done Ethos Group!




Our amazing Ethos Group with their stunning art work.

The Art and Soul Man

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Our worship today was led by Chris Gilbert, otherwise known as the Art and Soul Man. Chris was formerly a teacher and now dedicates his artistic talents to art and creativity driven by faith. He led a fascinating worship for us all abut El Salvadorian crosses and what they mean to their faith community. These beautifully colourful crosses are richly decorated with images of daily life and home. Each child will have the chance to make their own El Salvador cross, including elements that speak of their home, family and faith. We can’t wait to see them finished – watch this space – we’ll share them with you when they’re done.