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Hello Nursery, I hope you have enjoyed your pirate learning. This week’s learning is based around things that live under the sea, have fun!

 Communication and Language

Some animals that live under the sea have fins and some animals have legs to help them move around. Can you think of some animals that have fins and some that have legs? Talk to somebody at home and try to think of lots of creatures.


Can you think of an animal that lives under the sea that begins with;





If you would like a challenge and you have accessed phase 3 phonics in school can you think of sea creature that has  ‘sh’ at the end? _ _ sh.



Understanding the world

  • Have a look around your house and find 2 things that you think might float and 2 things that you think will sink. Ask an adult to test if you’re right.
  • Fill a bowl with two-thirds full of water. Place plastic sea creature toys inside (any toys will work if you do not have these). Place in the freezer overnight and explore setting the animals free. Use warm water, salt and any other ideas your child may have

Expressive Arts and Design

paper crab


Under The Sea Themed Counting and Matching Puzzle

under the sea maths