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Hello Nursery,

This is our final week before the Summer and I would like to say a big well done to each of you at home and in school for showing amazing resilience. For some of you this means after the Summer break you will be starting Reception. I know how much Miss Kavanagh cannot wait to be your teacher again! Miss Peever and Mrs Bates are also really excited to welcome you in September. For some of you it will just be a ‘see you soon’ as when you will return in September you will be coming back to Nursery and hopefully we may have some new friends joining us! I would also like to say another huge well done and thankyou to parents and carers who have been nothing short of amazing, adapting to home-schooling- a big pat on the back for you too.

It is important to keep practising writing your name, practising numbers 1-10, building on skills to help with independence (own coat, using cutlery and toileting).


Those who will be joining Reception in September I would like you to write a letter for your new teachers. Maybe you could let them know about all the learning you have done at home, or even the things you are most excited about when you return in September.

For those children who will be coming back to Nursery could you draw a picture of what you are most excited about when returning to you class! It might be playing in our new outdoor area.

Expressive Art and Design

Over the Summer collect any drawing, photographs, postcards, tickets, etc… from your time over the Summer break. Put them into a scrapbook and keep them as a memory of all the things you did whilst at home.

Here is a list of things to do over the summer, if you are ever feeling bored pick a couple of things off the list