By / 4th September, 2020 / Nursery / Off

What a fab first 2 days back we have had in Nursery!

Miss Green and Miss Brookhouse are so proud of the children in Nursery and how well they have settled back into school life. It has been so lovely seeing the familiar faces that we have missed so much recently, returning to our classroom. This week we have focused on familiarising the children with the Nursery routine and building relationships.

We have discussed all the things that make us ‘special’ and ‘different’ and how some things are the same, in our ‘About Me’ transition topic. We have started to paint our own self portrait using mirrors to look at our features. These portraits will be displayed in the children’s very own section of the classroom wall, where any work the children feel particularly proud of will be displayed-to share a sense of ownership and belonging in the classroom.

We are looking forward to seeing you back on Monday, along with some of our new starter friends who will start to join us from next week! How exciting!

Just a polite reminder, from next week (WB 7th September) snack money will be required. Please have the correct change as with relevant Covid related regulations we cannot offer change, thank you.