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During our absence from school,  I will provide Home Learning activities each week which will be updated on this page. Please see my earlier post on useful websites to support additional learning at home.

Thank you for your continued support.
Miss Kavanagh

Nursery Home Learning – Week 1

Speaking and Listening

We are learning about different animals. If you log onto you can access phonics games for free. We like to play the animal zoo game under the phase one section. Listen to the animal sounds, which animal makes that noise? Can your child name and describe each animal?

Physical Development

We are learning about keeping healthy. Can your child talk about healthy foods? You could design a healthy plate to feed our class monkey!


Read stories at home, we encourage reading three times a week but daily reading would help your child to progress even further! Talk about the characters in the story, what happens in the story at the beginning, the middle and the end. Can they predict what will happen next?


It is very important for children to practise their name writing. You can use the paper attached to practise name writing.


Included you will find a letter formation sheet which can be used to learn letter sounds and practise writing them forming letters correctly.


Look for numbers in the environment, on a clock, a calendar, or even book pages. Can your child recognise the number?


You could use our number formation sheet sent home to tick which numbers you find and practise writing them.

Shape, Space and Measure

Can you find any shapes around the house? Which household objects are a circle, triangle, square or rectangle shape. You could extend this learning by discussing the number of sides and corners each shape has.

Understanding the World

In this area of our learning we are discussing what makes us special. Please discuss with your child how they are similar to others, what differences they have and why they are unique. You could record this in the speech bubble attached.

Expressive Art and Design

Practise building an enclosure using recyclable materials. Does it have walls so the animals can’t escape? We would love to see photographs of any enclosures made. These can be emailed to