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Hello everybody,

It has been a very strange week not seeing you in school. I hope you have been making memories with  your families and enjoying some time in the sunshine. I am missing you all but I know that you have been working very hard on your Home Learning activities.

Thank you to the parents/carers that emailed photographs of your learning to our school email address – it has been so nice to see them on our new school facebook page too! (Latchford St James CE Primary) Keep them coming and join our school page if you haven’t already!

Please find below Nursery Home Learning Activities – Week 2
Stay safe and keep smiling
Love from
Miss Kavanagh
Nursery Home Learning – Week 2

Speaking and Listening

To develop vocabulary around different sounds log onto

If you go to phase 1 and the game sound starters this will have the resources needed to complete this game.

Physical Development

Exercise and sleep contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Go for a walk or try to do some laps of the garden to keep us fit and healthy! Can your child explain what happens to their heartbeat after exercise?


Share the story Dear Zoo, if you do not have a copy you can view it by using the link below.


Can your child remember each animal that is in the story?


This half term we are focusing on our name writing. Please practise writing letters from your child’s name to support your child in becoming independent in their name writing. If they are finding this difficult you can practise one or two letters from their name until they are secure.


Use the number mat attached to play fastest finger using numbers to 10. Say ‘fastest finger’ followed by a number and your child is to find and touch the number. If they are secure to 10 please use the numbers to 20 mat.

Shape, Space and Measure

Find a stick in the garden. Can you find a shorter stick and a longer stick and order them according to size?

Understanding the World

Can you find any interesting objects in the garden? Come together to discuss what you have found. What colour are the leaves?

Expressive Art and Design

Make an animal mask of a character from the story ‘Dear Zoo’. Can your child make matching animal sounds?

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