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Hi Parents/Carers and children, we hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend. We wanted to give you a fun little quiz to do together.

Below are pictures of our staff as babies. All you have to do is match the names below to each picture to work out who is who! We hope you have some family fun doing this together. We will upload the answers in a few days. Good Luck, have fun!

  • Miss Bates
  • Mrs Bates
  • Miss Brookhouse
  • Mrs Brooks
  • Miss Connolly
  • Miss Daintith
  • Miss Fives
  • Mrs Forshaw
  • Miss Green
  • Mrs Hamam
  • Mrs Howard-Armitage
  • Mrs Jevans
  • Miss Kavanagh
  • Mrs Lloyd
  • Mrs Marsden
  • Mrs Moat
  • Mrs Parkinson
  • Miss Peever
  • Mr Smith
  • Mrs Tipping
  • Mr Waldron
  • Miss Williams
  • Mrs Williams
  • Mrs Woodall
  • Mrs Worrall