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Hello Nursery. I hope you all had lots of fun completing your learning at home. I have really enjoyed seeing some photos of you being very busy and having fun. If you would like to share any photographs with us, please email Alternatively, you can find us on our new Facebook page if you search ‘Latchford St James School’.

Is anybody else feeling very tired and struggling to keep up with Mr. Wicks’ P.E lessons!? They are a bit tricky, aren’t they? If you are keeping up with them then a big well done to you because Miss Green is feeling very tired. Joe Wicks is very good but I’m sure we are all missing Mr. Waldron’s P.E lessons! Me and my little boy tried ‘Andy’s Wild Workouts’ this week. These are workout videos all under 10 minutes. “Andy travels the world to amazing places and learns to move like the animals he meets on his wild adventure.” Let me know if you enjoy doing these workouts and if you have found them more suitable.

I love celebrating all the achievements we do. I was having a little think about you all this week and was wondering if there has been anything new you have learned since being at home. Maybe you learned a new skill such as baking, riding your bike/scooter, doing up the buttons/zip on your coat. If not is there something you would like to practise whilst at home? I have decided I would like to learn Makaton. If you would like to join in with me, I will share a ‘Sign of the week’ each week so we can all practise a new skill together! This week’s sign is linked to St George’s day and is ‘Dragon’ below is the YouTube link of how to sign ‘Dragon’. I would love to see any videos/ photos of you signing dragon too!

As it is now the summer term, we should have been exploring the topic “Growing and Changing”. I will be posting activities to support this, the book we would have read together would have been “Jaspers Beanstalk”. I have found an online YouTube version of this story for you to share with a grownup.

Here is your learning for this week! Remember this is for the whole week so take your time, and make sure you have lots of opportunities to spend with family, enjoying the sunshine in your garden (if you have one) and having some time to play with your toys as these things are important too


Speaking and Listening

Recap the story of Jaspers Beanstalk using next, then, after that.


Challenge: Can you remember the days of the week? What did Jasper do on Monday? What day comes after Monday? What happened the next day?

Physical Development

Practise extra tooth brushing after lunch, discuss the importance of tooth brushing to keep our teeth clean and healthy.


You can also try Andy’s Wild Workouts on BBC Iplayer.


If you have a copy of the book ‘Jaspers beanstalk’- please share this story with a grown up. If you do not have this book there is a YouTube version of this story. (Link attached)



I think it would be great if we got to know each other a little better. Could you draw a picture of yourself and ask a grown-up to help you write a fact too? Top tip: if you have any mirrors in the house then have a look in the mirror before you start drawing. What shape is your face? How many eyes do you have? What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? I have listed this as one of your learning activities to try at home this week.


Challenge: Can you label your picture? What colour is your hair?


Share sweets or chocolate with your grownup and talk about who has more and who has less. Can you share the sweets equally to make sure you both have the same?

Shape, Space and Measure

During bath time model the language, full, half full and empty. Can your child fill cups and jugs to full, half full and empty?

You could enjoy this activity in the garden on a sunny day with big bowls of water. (The washing up bowl would be perfect!)

Understanding the World

R.E- As it is now the summer term, we have a new value which is compassion. I have coloured in and wrote a thankyou message to some key workers to say thank you for continuing to work and placed them in my window. Can you draw a picture (or print a template out) to say ‘thankyou’ and show compassion towards our keyworkers? You could design it for a member of your family, or like me place in your window to show appreciation to other key workers.

Make a card/letter to say thank you to Key Workers. Nhs, Fire Fighters, Supermarket Workers. The Police, Refuse Collectors, Post Workers…

Expressive Art and Design

I have attached a file with the lyrics to a rhyme to help you to remember the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk. With the help of a grown up try to learn this rhyme.


Challenge: Can you think of some actions to go with the song? When we come back to school you can teach these actions to myself or your friends.

Rhyme to support Jasper’s Beanstalk

Key worker

Take care and have lots of fun!

Miss Green x