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Hello Nursery, I hope you have enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and celebrating VE day on Friday. I loved seeing your drawings and labels of what you thought would be at the top of Jasper’s beanstalk. We had a couple of guesses there would be a Giant! This reminded me of another story I know… can you guess? Its Jack and the Beanstalk!

Sign of the week

We have a new story to share this week ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. I love sharing stories with my little boy at home. I cannot wait till we are all back in school and we can share a story together. This week’s sign of the week is… ‘story’.


If you have a copy of Jack and the Beanstalk, I would like you to read this story. Alternatively, I have found various forms of the story online for you to access.

Jack and the Beanstalk powerpoint story

Speaking and Listening

Discuss the story with somebody at home. Can you tell the main parts of the story without the book? What was your favourite part of story?

Shape, Space and Measure

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum. Oh no! Somebody has been in Miss Green’s kitchen and they have left these ginormous footprints! Oh my, who could it be? I decided I needed to do some investigating to get to the bottom of this.

I measured the footprints and they were 8 blocks long.

I decided to measure my little boy’s footprints to check it wasn’t him. His were only 3 blocks long, 3 is smaller than 8 so his feet were too small it couldn’t have been him.

I need to find out who has been sneaking in my kitchen, can you help me out Nursery? I would like you to make a footprint and measure it using (non-standard units) blocks, Lego, counters. I know you are really good at solving problems so I hope you can solve this for me. Perhaps you could measure your grown-ups/ siblings and compare the size. Who has the biggest and who has the smallest?


Nursery, I have a problem! All my magic beans have been muddled up. Because I know how great you are at fixing problems, I was hoping you could help me fix this problem. Can you put my magic beans in order? They need to put in order 1-20. I know this can be tricky so if you want to try 1-10 instead that is also fine.

Beans to 20

Extra: Follow the link for Numberblocks

Understanding the World

If you have any seeds at home as a grownup if you can help plant them and discuss the things you need to give to your seeds to help it grow. Watch over time your seed grow, with the help of a grownup write or draw the changes.

Expressive Art and Design

Jack’s next-door neighbour has seen Jack’s lovely beanstalk in his garden, and he would like to plant one too! He has found a little fluffy bean which is coloured with all the colours from the rainbow! Draw/ paint a picture to show.


Add some labels to your drawing of Jack’s neighbour’s beanstalk.

Physical Development

It is important that we continue to strengthen and use the muscles in our fingers. This week I would like you to practise using scissors to follow a pattern. I have attached a Jack and the Beanstalk inspired cutting activity but if you do not have a printer then grownups can draw these patterns on a piece of paper.

Beanstalk scissors

If you are enjoying the online workouts from Joe, Andy and Cosmic Yoga, then please continue to do these at your own pace.


Extra: If you would still like some extra challenges please have a look at the EYFS #Learnandplayinmay thread.